Pompea extensively redefines its marketing strategy and launches “the real comfort” rebranding campaign: an invitation to face everyday life without constraints and always with a sense of ease

27 September 2021 Pompea, an Italian company founded in Medole, Mantova province, is kicking off a new era of comfort in the underwear and hosiery market with the launch of “The Real Comfort” rebranding compaign.

The project, which includes the launch of a comprehensive marketing strategy, aims to reposition Pompea as brand leader in trendy comfortwear, with quality products that are affordable, suitable for everyone and environmentally friendly. The familiar yet genuine brand is getting a new look with a new logo, the historic shield. This once represented security and defence, but is becoming a half shield over the letters “mp” in “Pompea” in a visual nod to a house, symbolising safety, comfort and daily intimacy, core values for the brand.

First and foremost, the new strategy has planned a redefinition of what products should be sold by redesigning the entire stockings and hosiery collection (men’s and women’s), drawing on Pompea’s expertise spanning ten years. In particular, the development of the Seamless, Comfort size, Eco-friendly and Cotton Planet lines and the entire collection of men’s and women’s hosiery has resulted from carefully selecting the materials, all of which feature the Italian polyamide produced by Fulgar, and collaborating with The LYCRA Company to use the new LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre. Pompea is actually the first company in Europe to employ this technology and use the brand name LYCRA® ADAPTIV for its products. Adaptability and extreme wearability are the key pillars that have brought about Pompea’s two breakthrough technologies, the Comfort Size and Eco-Friendly lines, which cater to young, trend-conscious consumers mindful of how/where their goods were produced.

In particular, thanks to the Comfort Size products, the classic Pompea underwear is becoming size-inclusive. This is because the LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre and anatomical design makes clothing extremely stretchy, helping it not to weigh down your body and fit without feeling constrictive. The Eco-friendly line also includes breakthrough technology from  Pompea, namely recycled yarns Made in Italy, like the Q Nova® fibre by Fulgar, which reflects the company’s particular attention to green issues. The short supply chain makes it possible to create “0 km” underwear, saving water and CO2 emissions in the environment.

Mass distribution

Thinking in particular of mass distribution, Pompea has planned for the underwear collections to be presented in new packs made entirely from sustainable SFC-certified material, following the same philosophy as the products. The decision to switch from “disposable” hanger to pack reflects the demands of contemporary consumers, who demand safety as well as greater protection for the garment.

Again with a view to improving transparency towards the consumer, Pompea has designed “speaking” packs,  which interact with e-commerce.  The back of each package features a QR-code that links to a product specification with information on the materials and on how and where each item was made. Called the MP traceability system by the company, this rating system goes from 0 to 100 depending on the raw material used, how the product was made, packaging, proximity and shipping. In the case of hosiery, too, the outer pack is made from sustainable material, while the plastic casing is made from recycled material.


As part of a total rebranding, which expresses the new era of trendy comfortwear, Pompea has also given thought to how to restyle the new e-commerce service and the new image of stores. With its dedicated editorial content, the Pompea site appears more dynamic. Moreover, transparency of information clearly forms the foundations of the new Pompea path is forging from here to the next few years. In addition to informative interactivity, expressed through the product identity card, Pompea wants to involve the customer in a clothing experience through video content. In this, each garment is shown worn to highlight how the product actually fits on the front and back. For the new online store, Pompea has decided to use Shopify, a leading global trading company.

The new image of stores also reflects the key concepts of familiarity and everyday life that are so dear to Pompea: well-lit rooms with a clean, refined style, with natural colours and a separation of spaces where lines and their unique features play a leading role. Moreover, Pompea stores are becoming real hubs of innovation where customers can encounter experimentation such as the tracksuit line or the swimwear line, offered only in-house or on the e-commerce platform. In this regard, the company’s strategy has already planned two new shop openings in July in Roman Termini and Roncone, while the opening of the La Reggia outlet in Marcinise (CE) is scheduled for October.

Pompea’s rebranding is also expressed in the concept underpinning the entire creative campaign managed  by the communications and marketing agency Connexia. Developed on several fronts digital campaign, press campaign and social media channels the campaign hinges on four of the Pompea lines: underwear, basic hosiery and the two breakthrough technologies, the Comfort Size collection and the Eco-friendly one. Immersed in a domestic environment, with soft lighting and natural colours, the protagonists live their daily lives without constraints, wearing comfortable clothes that adapt to their bodies thanks to their extreme stretchiness. The campaign conveys “The Real Comfort”, a new tag line with which the company wants to underline how, despite life being complicated, changeable and busy, taking it easy isn’t actually that difficult: all you need to do is wear comfortable clothes that make you feel at ease.  The models selected by Pompea represent different facets of life, in terms of both size and the way they express their personalities. However, all have one thing in common: they face everyday life with a positive, authentic and, above all, spontaneous attitude. This is precisely what Pompea’s “The Real Comfort” has to offer: a light and easy way of living that makes life more comfortable and relaxed. Thanks to superior comfort and the new design of Pompea products, anyone is able to get comfortable and face everyday challenges naturally and spontaneously, not forgetting the attention to environmental and social issues.

The social media communications  in particular will be mainly through Instagram and Facebook channels, but there will also be content for TikTok. The focus is on having fun and on diversity but chiefly on the everyday life of each subject represented. There’s no shortage of smiles, tattoos and that touch of normality which we often miss when it comes to underwear.


Video campaign new Pompea underwear collection

Video campaign new Eco-friendly collection

Video campaign new Comfort Size Pompea collection

Video campaign new Collant Pompea collection


“We are happy to finally be able to communicate Pompea’s new era to customers and stakeholders” – affirms Marica Garosi, President of Pompea. Aware of the brand’s history, which led the way in the world of underwear and hosiery in the 1990s, our aim is to look to the future and to customers’ new needs, with a careful eye to sustainability so we become the benchmark for new trendy comfortwear”.

New Eco-friendly Collection

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