“Sharing is Caring” Let’s talk about business strategies with Connexia.

17 April 2020 – The independent marketing and communication agency Connexia presents the third instalment in its Sharing is Caring programme, a series of free online meetings dedicated to sharing digital knowledge.

This is an occasion for Connexia professionals to share their own experience and expertise, and discuss how to face emergency situations and restarting, with a focus on digital transformation.

Tuesday 21 April will be the turn of Matteo Sbarra, Business Strategy Director at Connexia, with a webinar entitled “Strategy isn’t an option. Beyond the New Normal”. This event will be an occasion to analyse the current historic moment through the different lenses of marketing and communication: structural changes, new behaviour, areas of opportunity, and insight into the future of what many already call “a new era for brands and consumers”. It will once again reflect the extent to which positioning strategies and brand values are indispensable to business choices.

Free live streaming event subject to registration on the @Cisco Webex platform.

Tuesday 21 April
9.00 – 10.00
@Cisco Webex

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