The Buondì Motta “complots” are back: the new campaign is now on air and the new competition of the wittiest tasty and light breakfast of all is underway

28 September 2021 – in addition to the widely debated 5G, other ‘conspiracy hypotheses’ are emerging in Buondì Motta’s new campaign: but is there really an unlikely link between chemical trails, moon landings, suspected ‘undercover’ operations and Motta’s most mocking Buondì?! Really??

 Produced by Akita Film and planned by PHD Media, the integrated multi-subject campaign, the brain child of the communication agency Connexia, is set to return to the TV from 26 September to 13 November on the major TV channels.

The outlandish theories of the well-known conspiracy theorist, who barges in on the classic tasty and light breakfast, will also be the focus of a planned online and social campaign and a digital PR campaign with a witty and young tone of voice, in line with the creative concept of the campaign: the conspiracy, of course! The influencer marketing operation was developed by Noesis Group, which also provided PR support.

What if you could win great prizes with Buondì Motta?



Neither one nor the other! That’s because, from 28 September 2021 to 15 January 2022, it will be possible to participate in the new competition entitled “Believe in the Competition, not iComplots” and try your luck at winning one of the Apple iPHONE 12 64gb up for grabs every day.

All you have to do is buy a 6-pack of the Buondì Motta range (you can choose from the variants: Classic, Apricot, Cocoa, Cherry, Chocolate, Wholewheat and Cocoa&Cream), then register on the website (or simply log in if you have already registered), then, in the form provided, insert the unique code you find inside the pack.

Thanks to the Instant Win mode, valid from 28th September to 22nd November 2021, you will be able to find out immediately if you are one of the lucky winners of one of the Apple IPHONE 12 64gb up for grabs every day.

But if you don’t “iWin”, it’s not the end of the world! All participants who have not been lucky will have the chance to take part in the final draw and try to win one of the Apple IPHONE 12 64gb still available.

All you have to do is buy Buondì Motta and try to take on the #BreakfastPlot with a helping hand from Lady Luck!

To see the new themes: Youtube

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