The first edition of the IULM Master in Ethical Marketing and Sustainability Communication is launched

4 June 2021 – The new partnership is about to get underway between the independent marketing and communication agency, Connexia and IULM, the University Institute for Modern Languages, who have joined forces for the first edition of the Master in Ethical Marketing and Sustainability Communication.

Innovation and sustainability form the core of the first specialised Italian Master’s programme, one of the few in Europe, wholly dedicated to marketing and communication techniques applied in various areas of sustainability, which is due to kick off in November this year on a digital platform.

The course is open to recent graduates and professionals in the humanistic and scientific disciplines who wish to pursue a highly qualifying course of study. IULM’s Master’s in Ethical Marketing and Sustainability Communication aims to contribute to the development of specific skills in the field of sustainability communication and CSR, which is of growing importance in the contemporary trend towards more more effective dialogue and debate, and is increasingly in demand from institutions and businesses.

This training course will include talks, project work, and study tours held by academics, professionals, and company managers with experience in a variety of industries, using differentiated modules that are designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to approach the job market proactively and successfully.

The basics of the circular economy and current regulations, the use of dedicated measurement tools, such as green analytics, the study of best cases and best practices, the role of purpose and impact, inclusive design, the eco-design of products and services, and social innovation will all be covered in a holistic course of study devised by Connexia in partnership with IULM for the Master in Ethical Marketing and Sustainability Communication. Together with the members of the Faculty, the various professionals within the marketing and communication agency will be engaged in bringing concrete examples and specialist contributions on expertise in innovation, strategic analysis, creative communication, design and corporate communication. The essence and distinctive feature of Connexia, therefore, with its multidisciplinary approach, innovation and culture of talent.

“We are truly proud to add such an up-to-date and innovative training programme to complement the solid collaboration we already have with an institution like IULM that is a benchmark for the world of communication”, says Italo Marconi, Chief Innovation Officer at Connexia and Educational Coordinator of the Master programme.

– The Sustainability Transformation of organisations is gaining as much relevance as the better known Digital Transformation. Businesses are showing a growing need for new hybrid professionals who can deal with and communicate these issues. The innovation platform we have developed – the only one of its kind in Italy –  aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and practices between academia and businesses, as well as between businesses themselves”.

“The Specialised Master in Ethical Marketing and Sustainability Communication is an unprecedented event on the national academic scene. As Professor Francesco Massara, Scientific Director of the Master course explains, “This is an extraordinary and  innovative and professional course of study that caters for the needs of companies, the world of communication and, last but not least, society. The programme was developed with the fundamental contribution of Connexia and coordinated by Italo Marconi. It owes its uniqueness to the fact that it brings together marketing and communication skills with the economic, social, technological, environmental and sustainability fields. For students, it will be a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and gain personal enrichment and to receive new stimuli, explore a wide range of sectors, and interact with highly experienced professionals, tackling concrete issues and dynamics that are increasingly necessary to successfully communicate in today’s world”.

For the new Master in Ethical Marketing and Sustainability Communication at IULM, Clio Zippel, Branding & Creative Director of Connexia, has designed a richly colourful visual identity: the logo and the corporate image are inspired by the colours of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations and by the concept of sustainability as an open platform that can bring together an extraordinary diversity of designers and professionals, where every action and conversation has an impact on the collective interest of communities.

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