The IED Milan Digital Marketing and Big Data course begins with Connexia, the data-driven creativity agency, as the scientific partner. Two full scholarships offered by NAOS

23 January 2018 – Ninety hours of lectures, two weekly evening encounters, and three teaching modules (1st module: Context and Tools; 2nd module: Data, Strategic Thinking and Creativity, 3rd module: Project Work) focused on data analysis and the ability to build digital-oriented creative solutions, plus two innovation-driven partners and two 100% scholarships.

These are the “ingredients” in the second Digital Marketing and Big Data course offered by the IED Milan School of Communication to provide the analytical and operational tools needed to plan digital marketing and communication activities.

From 6th March to 26th June 2019 students will learn more about strategic and creative levers and how to use them, adapt them to digital use, and implement them on a practical level with the help of data analysis. This is the second year running that both the scientific coordinators, professionals who have worked in digital communication for many years, will be working with the course: Michele Sarzana, the Manager of Advertising & Digital Hub at Fastweb, and Massimiliano Trisolino, the Chief Strategy Officer at Connexia.

A distinctive training opportunity that integrates and completes the vertical experience of the Connexia data-driven creativity agency with two full scholarships offered by NAOS, the skincare multinational famous for the BIODERMA and Institut Esthederm brands.

“NAOS has a modern set of values and is very driven to invest in innovation, renewal and improvement,” said Denis Balbo, the Regional Head of Digital Transformation, “We chose to provide full funding for two scholarships to attend the Digital Marketing and Big Data course because we believe in the digital culture and specialist training. Our company is a multinational business in which data strategy, envisioning, evolution and organisational culture enhancement are essential for all aspects of communication and business processes. The students are professionals who are on the verge of tackling the employment market with new skills and can harness the opportunities offered by digital transformation, intercept trends, develop insight and ideas, and build relevant communication and marketing strategies driven by data analysis so supporting and helping to train these “new talents” is completely in keeping with NAOS’ digital DNA and with its capacity for experimenting collaborative and innovative working methods, which is particularly attractive for the “digital specialists” of today and tomorrow.”

Students wishing to win the two scholarships, which are valid for 2018-2019 school year and subject to the course being available, can apply by filling in the online form and sending an up-to-date curriculum vitae with a covering letter by 10th February 2019. Candidates will be called in for an interview by the Admission Advisor. The candidates will be assessed on merit by a jury which comprises the course coordinators and representatives from NAOS and makes the final decision about whom to award the scholarships.

“We are proud to announce our collaboration with NAOS. It gives our students on the Digital Marketing and Big Data course the chance in this first year to tackle three real projects assigned to us by the company, as well as the opportunity to apply for two merit scholarships for the course,” said Elena Sacco, the Director of the IED Milan School of Communication. “The programme provided by Trisolino and Sarzana, the course’s scientific coordinators, offers a clear continuation and uses expertise and the learning by doing method, which is in keeping with the IED philosophy, to teach the students all the tools they need to work in today’s digital marketing.”

“Unlike many big players, we as an agency have invested and continue to invest a considerable amount in people, inspired by the British-style advanced models of collaboration,” said Massimiliano Trisolino, Connexia’s CSO “We firmly believe in the importance of making the most of Italy’s new creative talents: today’s millennials are looking for professional environments in which they can successfully express themselves and provide a real personal contribution. In Connexia we have invested so much in creativity and analytical expertise; we work hard to create multidisciplinary teams and build a new organisational model in which we can blend the best practices from consultancy firms with the fluid models typical of creative agencies. All our different experts work seamlessly and strategically together, infusing every communication strategy and every creative approach with digital DNA. By sharing our experience, working with IED and coordinating the work on the Digital Marketing and Big Data higher education course, we have chosen to support specialist training courses and help to shape the new digital communication professionals.”

Further information about the IED Milan Digital Marketing and Big Data course, which starts on 6th March 2019, is available here.

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