The MAMAF master’s course at the University of Pavia and Connexia have joined forces to promote pharmaceutical marketing

17 May 2021 – Connexia, bolstered by its new Health department, has been announced as the sponsor of the 16th edition of the Master in Pharmaceutical Marketing provided by the University of Pavia Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The agency will support and enhance the academic curriculum of the prestigious and well-established MAMAF master’s course, which draws its content from real-world scenarios and the latest innovations in the pharmaceutical sector.

Made up of 260 hours of lectures, the course also includes three work/study days, which will be delivered by Connexia professionals from 13 May 2021. These guest lecturers will be responsible for creating a module that can offer students theoretical knowledge and practical experience in developing a data-driven marketing and communication strategy, focusing the needs of patients and pharmaceutical stakeholders.

This is a chance for the MAMAF master’s students to gain a range of important insights, seeing data-driven innovation at work and witnessing the collaboration between the different roles that make up Connexia. The module invites students to explore the entire strategic process, from the receipt of the brief to target definition and analysis using quantitative and qualitative methods, and from the analysis of the competitive landscape and the patient journey to the definition of the strategy, channels and content, as well as the creative concept.

Designed and coordinated by Italo Marconi, Chief Innovation Officer, and Claudia Comolli, Director of Connexia Health, Connexia’s module will see a range of figures act as mentors: Clio Zippel, Creative Director; Giuseppe Laricchia, Creative Strategist; Stefano Corposanto, Marketing Intelligence Director; and Andrea Todon, Senior UX Designer.

The partnership between Connexia and the MAMAF master’s course at the University of Pavia aims to prepare young professionals for complex business systems, providing them with the necessary technical, managerial and organisational skills, while simultaneously deepening their knowledge of the fundamental principles of economic systems that regulate the pharmaceutical market, which will continue to feel the impact of digitalisation at various points of the value chain.

Today, an ever-growing expectation of multidisciplinarity is accompanied by the need to acquire specific and vertical skills in areas such as marketing and communication.

“We are very excited about our partnership with the MAMAF course at the University of Pavia, which has given us an opportunity to contribute to an excellent master’s degree from a renowned academic institution. We were particularly impressed by the university’s enthusiasm for this initiative, allowing the business and academic worlds to come together to share knowledge and practical information,” explained Italo Marconi, Connexia’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Contributing to the growth of professionals in the pharmaceutical sector and promoting modern “antidisciplinary” methods is an integral part of Connexia’s mission. This collaboration with MAMAF is part of a series of similar initiatives, which will embrace innovative teaching methods to share the models developed by Connexia and contribute to the transformation of organisations, industries, and society as a whole. We are confident that this will be an enriching experience for everyone involved.”

“The objective of the MAMAF master’s course is to ensure that our students have the right skills to succeed within a dynamic and constantly evolving setting like the pharmaceutical industry,” added Professor Giorgio Lorenzo Colombo, MAMAF Scientific Coordinator. “Thanks to our network of leading partner companies, we are able to offer our master’s students a high-quality training experience alongside pharmaceutical industry professionals, allowing them to enter the world of work through the front door. We are particularly proud to name Connexia as our main sponsor, and we are sure that the skills its experts can share with our students will be incredibly valuable.”

“The growth of patient empowerment, driven by new means of communication and information, is changing our relationships and how we approach this audience,” noted Claudia Comolli, Director of Connexia Health. “With this module, designed specifically for the MAMAF master’s course, we want to provide tomorrow’s professionals with the theoretical and practical tools they need to devise well-founded communication strategies that can really reach these stakeholders.”

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