“The meaning of business. When ethics mean business.” With Wake Up Innovators | EVOLUTION Focus On SUSTAINABILITY

20th of November 2020 – Latest installment of Wake Up Innovators | EVOLUTION, the series of live-streamed meetings organised by Connexia, the independent marketing and communication agency, and dedicated to the discussion surrounding the processes and dynamics of change in individuals, groups and complex organisations, both public and private.

Current events, economics, historical events: sustainability is, unavoidably, at the heart of it all.

Marina Salamon, President and Shareholder of Connexia, and Diva Moriani, Executive Vicepresident of Intekgroup S.p.A and KME SE, but also co-founder and board member of Dynamo Camp, a recreational therapy camp for children suffering from serious or congenital illnesses, chair the virtual salon at Connexia.  

With “The meaning of business. When ethics mean business and the stories of two exceptional examples of female Italian leadership, Connexia is launching a digital debate centered on sustainability, in all its forms: environmental, economic, social. This is an unprecedented debate, with at its heart a new, different way of doing – and being – business. Hosting are Italo Marconi, Chief Innovation Officer, and Zornitza Kratchmarova, Corporate Communication Director.  

The initiative is part of a dynamic coherent with the spirit and decisions of the agency, which has recently officialised its commitment to social business responsability, becoming a benefit society and presenting a 5 point manifesto to outline, from start to finish, their common benefit objectives.


Free live meeting on Connexia’s Facebook and Youtube channels.

WAKE UP INNOVATORS | EVOLUTION – The Meaning of business. When ethics mean business.

Wednesday 25th of November 2020
9:00 a.m.

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