Wake Up Innovators | EVOLUTION Rebel talents v hidden talents. Guesta: Claudio Cecchetto and Paolo d’Ammassa

21 January 2021 – How can we make talent bloom?

This is the question Connexia has chosen to inaugurate 2021: on 27 January, the next appointment in the Wake Up Innovators | EVOLUTION cycle will take place to comprehensively discuss the topic of talent and talents.

The discussion will touch upon ‘rebel talents‘, who are seen as troublemakers and saboteurs, but often cause disruption within the context of innovation processes, and ‘hidden talents‘, with distinctive personal attitudes, unconscious and unexpressed, which make them unique and special.

How can we attract and retain rebellious talent? How can we catalyse their energy? How can we promote and enhance it in an especially collaborative content? How can we imagine the professions and workplaces of the future? How can we build and lead an innovative company that knows how to generate and capture value for shareholders and society in general?

Different pathways, identical, untarnished enthusiasm, of talent will be discussed by Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO and Founding Partner of Connexia, and Claudio Cecchetto, one of Italy’s best-known record producers and talent scouts, as well as a popular television and radio presenter.

Over the years, Claudio Cecchetto, who is an extraordinary talent scout, has launched and proclaimed the success of high-calibre artists such as Jovanotti, Max Pezzali, Fiorello, Jerry Scotti and Amadeus. His “FestivalWeb under 33” – three completely open evenings of music and entertainment, brought to life exclusively by “under 33s” – presented to the press in recent weeks, is a real “Festival of Scouting“, designed to intercept and promote the emergence of young talent on the web (live web streaming event from Fabrique in Milan in conjunction with the Italian Song Festival, on 3,4, and 5 March 2021).

Zornitza Kratchmarova, Corporate Communication Director, and Italo Marconi, Chief Innovation Officer at Connexia, will do the honours in Connexia’s “virtual living room”.

Free live meeting event on Connexia’s Facebook and YouTube channels.


Rebel talents v hidden talents. When creativity becomes enterprise.

Guests: Claudio Cecchetto and Paolo d’Ammassa.
Wednesday 27 January 2021
11:30 – 12:30

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