The Retex Group communications agency will be supporting the popular hostel chain as they develop a strategy to optimise the brand’s social media presence in Italy.

4 April 2022 – HoMedics, a leading company in the home wellness sector, and Revamp, a London-based brand of hairstyling tools, are renewing their relationship of trust with Connexia by extending their consultancy activity to Search Engine Advertising.

The partnership between the marketing and communications agency of the Retex Group and the FKA Brands Group brands has been a long-standing one, having started in 2016. It initially focused on PR, digital PR and Social Media Content Production activities, but now also extends to the Search Engine Advertising sector. Here Connexia can count on a multidisciplinary team, able to combine monitoring, analysis and strategy using different channels and tools. This collaborative venture has strengthened over time, with significant market results.

The SEA activity aims to increase traffic and revenue on the respective e-commerce platforms of HoMedics and Revamp, through a full automation approach that maximises results thanks to the effect of machine learning algorithms and by exploiting the potential of the Google Marketing Platform. This is the latest integration of Connexia, already a Google Premiere Partner.

Andrea Redaelli, Managing Partner Business Dev & Digital Media of Connexia, comments “we are particularly pleased to renew our partnership with the FKA Brands Group, for which we have ensured the promotion of the HoMedics and Revamp brands for many years. SEA’s activities are an acknowledgement of trust attesting to the superior approach we have both adopted so far and to the fact that we will continue supporting all activities already planned as well as possible. Thanks to our skills and tools such as Google Marketing Platform, we can effectively support the FKA Brands Group as they face major historical challenges now and in the near future. We will ensure a firm focus on developments in the digital world, anticipating, interpreting and exploiting them as well as possible”.

There is also great deal of satisfaction for the FKA Brands group. For a sector such as Beauty, which is already very competitive in itself and which, following the pandemic crisis, has moved ever closer to the digital world, it is essential to be able to focus on a consistent, meaningful online presence, so as to enhance brand values and strengthen the relationship brands have with their audience.

 Dante Cesaro, Marketing Director of HoMedics and Revamp, comments “our ambitious D2C growth objectives required an authoritative partner for the search engine side as well. The synergy of wide-ranging activities which we already manage in collaboration with Connexia and the latter’s extensive expertise in the world of media buying, as well as its undisputed leadership in digital content creation and PR, led us to this choice, in which we are fully confident”.

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