“This Christmas, make a gift of the most important values… Nutritional values!” Connexia for UNICEF Italy in the Christmas fund-raising campaign

19 December 2019 – Connexia presents the Christmas fund-raising campaign of the Italian Committee for UNICEF, an integral part of the global structure of UNICEF (the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) , an auxiliary body of the UN that has the mandate to protect and promote the rights of children and adolescents (0-18) throughout the world, and to contribute to improving their living conditions.

The new integrated campaign is based on a question that has a familiar hint of the popular saying: “Do the values of yesteryear still exist?”.

UNICEF’s reply was immediate: “Absolutely, all the nutritional values that are essential for the survival of undernourished children!”.

Iron, calcium, protein, sugar and vitamins are nutritional values present in the therapeutic food sachets that allow undernourished children worldwide to regain weight quickly. Even a simple donation, made with the heart and focusing on the values of love, generosity, and tangible help, is enough to save the life of three million children who are suffering from malnutrition.

This has led to the new digital, digital PR, press and BTL campaign – devised and adapted by Connexia for all formats and all channels. The video spot with UNICEF’s call to action has been online since October 2019 and will be live until the end of January 2020 on all the  brand’s Italian social channels (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

In addition to the digital and social campaign, there is a landing page dedicated to the donation process, which serves to provide a clear, simple explanation of what the therapeutic food used by UNICEF consists of, and how one can make the difference and change the prospects of life of children who are currently undernourished. Even greater support has been given to this narrative by involving the popular celebrity, Benedetta Parodi, who, through a digital PR initiative on her IG and FB channels, has helped to give the campaign and the concept greater visibility.

The campaign we have devised and adapted for UNICEF Italy is the result of a long and important exchange and sharing of values, a four-handed job dealt with taken on by two teams – Connexia and UNICEF – to give form and content to the struggle for survival of millions of children, and to succeed in conveying the importance of giving and raising awareness that it is possible to make the difference, even with a small personal gesture . – according to Stefano Ardito, Chief Growth Officer of Connexia Here at Connexia, we are delighted to be able to put our creative and digital skills at the service of a cause that is crucial for all those children who are without the essential things they need to live and to survive. Thanks to the collaboration with UNICEF, we are not only doing a good turn, but also have something good to tell.

“In 2018, malnutrition contributed to almost half the deaths of the children aged under 5, which amounted to a total of 5.3 million. Only last year, 149 million children below the age of 5 suffered from chronic malnutrition and almost 50 million from acute malnutrition. – says Paolo Rozera, Director General of UNICEF Italy – These huge figures represent the lives of the children we are committed to saving. But to succeed, we need the help of everyone and for this reason, with the support of Connexia, we want to involve as many people as possible. Because only together can we make the difference.

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