Tonino Lamborghini trusts Ragooo_Connexia SEO, media campaigns and assessment analytics

27 June 2019 – Tonino Lamborghini, an accessories, hotels, and luxury real estate projects brand, that, starting from the hills of Bologna, has been able to conquer the world with its passion, creative spirit, and unique style, has chosen to trust Ragooo_Connexia with the optimization of the brand’s new e-commerce site. The site will go online in the coming months.

This includes the management of all online advertising campaigns as well as the assessment of analytics.
Objective: to renew the web positioning of the Tonino Lamborghini brand which is already a leader in accessories and now also present in the hospitality and luxury real estate projects. This aims to further consolidate its leadership in the reference market.

The company of the famous “Raging Bull” on a red background, was founded in 1981 by the heir to the Lamborghini family.
It interprets, through a wide range of unique and distinctive products that are inspired by the world of Italian art and industrial design, a Made in Italy style, that always remains faithful to the tradition and history of the Lamborghini family, but with a vision that looks at the global market.
Watches, eyewear, mobile phones, perfumes, furnishing accessories, clothing, sports accessories, beverage products, 5-star hotels, lounges, branded restaurants and residences: a “lifestyle experience brand” built on a wide range of luxury products. Hence, the need for the Tonino Lamborghini brand to identify Ragooo_Connexia as a trusted partner for all digital marketing and online repositioning activities.

Acquired last April by Connexia, Ragooo offers an Italian experience in digital marketing that, through Data, Search and Media, in a few years has managed to win the trust of top leading brands in various sectors.

With the entry of Tonino Lamborghini in its customer portfolio, it will consolidate its expertise in the world of fashion & luxury.

“We are thrilled to be able to support Tonino Lamborghini in this journey- says Andrea Redaelli, Managing Partner Digital Media at Connexia – The success of Ragooo_Connexia comes thanks to our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing and our ability to identify innovative and synergistic solutions that allow the agency to build the ideal digital habitat for all its clients. I am confident that our approach will contribute significantly to the digital positioning of the Tonino Lamborghini brand, bringing it even closer to its customers.

“We chose Ragooo_Connexia for the online repositioning of the Tonino Lamborghini brand on the strength of the agency’s expertise and strategic approach, which is particularly representative of the evolution we are experiencing as a company. — Comments Rita D’Andrea, Communication Manager of Tonino Lamborghini – It is essential for us to have a trusted partner who is able to accompany us in an informed manner during this phase of transition and who can help us tell the story of our evolution in an effective and coherent manner on the web”.

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