With the new campaign from CONAI and Biorepack, separate waste collection is foolproof! Connexia signs the campaign.

29 July 2021 – CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium, and Biorepack, the CONAI system consortium that guarantees the collection, recovery and organic recycling of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging waste, have chosen to rely on Connexia to make users aware of the correct way to separate bioplastics for waste collection.

Confusion and uncertainty can lead to accidental errors in the correct collection of separated materials. For this reason, CONAI and Biorepack have chosen to launch a specific communication campaign to help people recognise which bioplastic packaging can be composted along with wet organic municipal waste, and to explain how to use and separate it correctly.

The campaign, designed with the creative direction of Anna Vasta and Adriano Aricò, and the client direction of Francesco M. Ferrario, has been developed in two distinct communication flights: in the first one, “Beyond appearances”, which launched on Biorepack’s social channels in mid-May and, later, on CONAI’s channels, users are invited to pay particular attention when handing in their waste to avoid confusing plastics and bioplastics, as these materials are very similar in appearance.

In reality, it’s not that difficult to sort bioplastics correctly: you just need to look beyond appearances. The protagonists of the two hero videos are two emblematic individuals, who demonstrate that things (and people!) are not always what they seem: a large, tattooed man turns out to be an unexpected and sensitive lover of Chihuahuas, while a delicate little girl turns out to be a determined black belt karate champion.

From August 2021, the second flight of the campaign, “Sacchettino Bio” (“Organic Bag”), will be online and on air, appearing on Biorepack’s social media channels as well as those of CONAI, before also appearing on the radio with a nod to the well-known musical catchphrase “Pulcino Pio”. The bioplastic bag is at the centre of the creative concept: by law, these bags are widespread in all food shops and large distribution centres, and must not be mistakenly disposed of as plastics. To avoid errors, the advert reminds us all of the essential differences, in the form of a mantra: “plastic in plastic, bioplastic in wet waste”.

“Packaging made from compostable bioplastic entered Italian homes some years ago and is an important part of a lifestyle inspired by sustainability and the circular economy, thanks to the recovery of the organic content of the waste and its transformation into nutrients for the soil,” explains Marco Versari, President of Biorepack. “We expect that this campaign will promote even more widespread awareness of how to correctly recycle bio-resources, ensuring that separate waste collection is effective.”

“When Biorepack took its first steps within the CONAI system last December, we immediately realised how important it was to raise awareness of the correct end-of-life procedure for bioplastics: the collection of wet waste,” explains Luca Ruini, President of CONAI. “This is an important topic for environmental education: that’s why we decided to start immediately with the two flights of the campaign. We are curious and can’t wait to see the results.”

Ours is a deliberately different narrative, which allowed us to convey an essential message: sorting waste is essential, but it’s even more important to do it correctly,” comments Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner for Strategy & Creativity at Connexia. “Here at Connexia we are very aware of environmental issues. In 2020 we become a Benefit Corporation. For this reason, we are proud that we are able to support Biorepack and CONAI in spreading these messages. Our collaboration with CONAI has been ongoing for some time, and this campaign represents a new form of creative trust in Connexia.”


Link to the “Beyond appearances” campaign:

Tattooed man: Youtube

Young female karateka: Youtube

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