Connexia alongside Quadrifor for strategic rebranding and repositioning consulting

3 May 2022 – Connexia is the exclusive partner of the Quadrifor Bilateral Institute for the training of middle managers in the tertiary, distribution and services’ business sector in its brand repositioning project and the construction of a new corporate identity.

The specialised vocational training and further education sector, which by its very nature is constantly evolving, is now experiencing further strong acceleration due to the pandemic. In a scenario in which companies measure themselves against new contexts and new needs, both personal and professional, the present and the near future of vocational training institutes seem destined to become increasingly ‘hybrid’, in different ways: dual training platforms (in the classroom and via streaming), the need to involve audiences, the proposal of high-value content, the presence of testimonials to support teachers in engaging with course participants by telling their own professional and personal stories.

With the aim of offering its users the opportunity to fully express their professional potential, especially in view of the profound socio-economic changes that have taken place in recent years, Quadrifor is therefore called upon to carry out a profound renewal of the way in which corporate training is narrated, relying on Connexia to analyse the needs and create a new positioning, foregrounding not only Quadrifor’s ability to offer quality, wide-ranging content, but also and above all its ability to listen to the needs of its users, understanding their motivations, interests and aspirations, to design the most effective training courses.

Under the direction of Connexia’s Creative & Branding Director Clio Zippel, the proposal for repositioning and rebranding starts from an analysis of the pre-existing context, with the active involvement of the organisation and its targets (such as training companies, companies, and executives themselves) to assess needs and requirements, through the subsequent construction of key moments:

The Business Strategy Workshop, which identifies the trajectory of the entity and its future strategies;

The Value Proposition Workshop, which defines the need for Quadrifor to communicate effectively internally to highlight the competitive advantages and value that the organisation must generate and convey to companies and managers;

The Brand Workshop, which outlines Quadrifor’s new approach to brand communication, its positioning, purpose and brand idea, to define the graphic evolution of the visual identity and all the main design elements.

“The last two years have been a period of great renewal for us: we realised that the time had come to change approach and design a new, customised, and person-centred training. We wanted to emphasise not only our ability to offer quality, wide-ranging content, but above all our willingness to listen to the needs of middle managers in order to design the training pathway best suited to their objectives,” explains Ilaria Di Croce, Quadrifor’s Director. “Thanks to the consultancy of Connexia, which has followed us with great expertise and willingness at every stage of the process, we have embarked on a path of change that has enabled us to redefine our identity, renew the institute’s image, and enhance the training on offer, which is increasingly in line with the needs of our members.”

“We are particularly pleased with the collaboration we have developed over the past few months, working alongside Quadrifor on the brand’s business model and value propositions, to create a new positioning and review all the main design and communication elements,” explains Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner for Strategy & Creativity at Connexia. “With an awareness of the profound changes that have been affecting the world of training in recent years, we have orientated all our brand consultancy activity towards enhancing the quality of the content conveyed by Quadrifor and making the training proposition as clear and close as possible to the needs of the audience, strengthening the relationship with a view to continuous exchange, through ongoing and accessible paths of growth based on listening and flexibility.”

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