Connexia presents its repositioning and rebranding strategy. Building on a 38% revenue increase in 2019, further double-digit growth is predicted for 2020.

05 February 2020 – The independent marketing and communication agency Connexia places a great deal of importance on growth and change. It has carved out its own path to success by creating a new approach to customer relations, founded on collaboration and transparency.

The story of Connexia really began when it took control of its repositioning strategy and corporate identity: over the last five years, the agency has embraced change to create a whole new modelintegrating data, creativity, media and technology—backed by increases in business and strategic operations.

Creativity in Love with Data and Technology, the company motto, perfectly encapsulates Connexia’s new identity. This rebranding also extended as far as the logo, which now includes a symbol made up of four graphic elements, each representing one of the agency’s cornerstones: data (the triangle), creativity (the circle), media (the arrow), and passion (the heart). The entire design is surrounded by a square, which symbolises the technology that powers Connexia.

“Connexia is a new type of agency, combining data, creativity, media and technology with love and passion. Our goal is to become an extension of our customers’ marketing and communications departments, to achieve total transparency, and to build a unique team, committed to pursuing our shared objectives.

We want to subvert the traditional agency model to become something totally different, combining the beauty of creative agencies with the strength of consulting firms”, explained Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO & Founding Partner of Connexia, “None of this would be possible without a very special group of people. We are constantly investing in talent and new professional skills, cultivating teamwork and consistent excellence, because we believe that people make the real difference.”

Co-creation, collaboration, innovation, and agile thinking. At Connexia, there are no hard lines between departments: the different professionals can all grow and work together. By evolving as a team, each individual is able to improve and learn from their mistakes.

A series of forward-thinking strategic choices—the introduction of the Innovation Team; the creation of Connexia Media House to internalise video production; the inauguration of the Corporate Division, dedicated to media relations; the acquisition of the Ragooo experience agency; and the new drive to develop a proprietary suite of products for data analysis (Audience Tracker, SEO Defender, Outcomes)—have defined Connexia’s growth in recent years.

“Connexia’s choice to become an equal partner in its customers’ success has yielded impressive results,” stated Marina Salamon, majority shareholder and President of Connexia, “2019 came to a close with a 38% growth in revenue, thanks largely to the company’s ability to formulate creative strategies that are guided and supported by data analysis, a passion for innovative technology, and a love for unconventional creative decisions.”

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