“Crisis Communication and Coronavirus”. Connexia, in collaboration with Ferpi, presents Wake Up Innovators | Webex Special Edition Guests: Luigi Norsa and Davide Rosi.

10 March 2020 – Connexia, an independent marketing and communication agency, in collaboration with Ferpi,  the Italian Federation of Public Relations, presents Wake Up Innovators | Webex Special Edition, the first date in a cycle of meetings focussing on innovation dedicated entirely to crisis communication.

The event, which will be free access and wholly digital, aims to offer an opportunity for analysis and debate on the impact of Coronavirus on business and corporate communication strategies, as well as a concrete signal and an invitation to companies to organise their work in an agile way, changing their processes and exploiting the remote working platforms that are already available and operational.

“Crisis Communication and Coronavirus: analyses and suggestions for confronting the coming months in the best way:  this occasion, featuring an online webinar which is accessible via the Cisco Webex platform, will host communication professionals as well as directors and managers from all sectors that have been impacted by the emergency conditions caused by the Coronavirus, and is scheduled to take place on Thursday 12th March at 9:00.

The guests of the talk, which will be chaired by Zornitza Kratchmarova, Corporate Communication Director at Connexia, will be Luigi Norsa, Founder of Luigi Norsa & Associates, a consultancy company that specialises in Crisis and Issue Management, and President of the Probiviri Ferpi College, as well as Davide Rosi, Managing Director of BCD Travel Italy, the third travel company in the world with a revenue of approximately 350 million euros in Italy and 27 billion worldwide.

Free event subject to registration @Cisco Webex

WAKE UP INNOVATORS | Webex Special Edition
Thursday 12 March
9:00 – 10:00

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