“Wake Up Innovators” is back with the innovation culture event by Doxa and Connexia

25 october 2018 – Doxa, Italy’s leading market research and analysis firm, and Connexia, the Group’s data-driven creativity agency, team up again to host “WAKE UP INNOVATORS”, a series of monthly meetings about the innovation culture and science.

WannaCry, NotPetya, and the USA elections: the number of criminal cyberattacks has worryingly skyrocketed in recent years, jeopardising not only the security of private citizens, but also the fate of business and entire nations. To introduce us to these and other issues we have invited the cybersecurity expert Carola Frediani, who is also a journalist and writer that specialises in new technologies, the digital culture, privacy and hacking.

The discussion, entitled “Cybercrime and geopolitics. How the internet became a battlefield”, starts at 8.30 a.m. on Tuesday, 30th October, on the sixth floor of the Doxa building, and will be moderated by Italo Marconi, Connexia’s Chief Innovation Officer.