“Wake Up Innovators” No. 11. Join Connexia and BVA DOXA to discuss cognitive collaboration and smart working. Guest: Andrea Sica.

16 July 2019 – Connexia, the data-driven creativity agency that’s passionate about digital transformation, and BVA DOXA, Italy’s leading market research and analysis firm, are hosting the eleventh “WAKE UP INNOVATORS”, a series of monthly meetings about the digital culture, science, innovation, and disruptive communication.

Just over a year has passed since the smart working law came into force in Italy and the country has witnessed a 20% increase in the number of people opting to do smart working with the figure at over 480,000. Seemingly productivity has also increased by 15% while 30% has been saved on the cost of managing physical spaces. These results can be mainly attributed to technology which, if used correctly, allows and enables people to adopt this style of work.

The special guest for the first Wake Up Innovators after the summer break is Andrea Sica, Cisco’s Digital Transformation Specialist, who will lead the discussion moderated by Italo Marconi, Connexia’s Chief Innovation Officer, as we delve deeper into this theme and analyse how technology can help companies to use smart working correctly.

The discussion is entitled Cognitive Collaboration: the X-Factor for a successful smart working project.

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