“Wake Up Innovators” No. 12. The Connexia and BVA DOXA meeting for September focuses on artificial intelligence and algorithms. Guest: Stefano Gatti

11 September 2019 – Connexia, the data-driven creativity agency that’s passionate about digital transformation, and BVA DOXA, Italy’s leading market research and analysis firm, are hosting the twelfth “WAKE UP INNOVATORS”, a series of monthly meetings about the digital culture, science, innovation, and disruptive communication.

Magritte’s pipe and algorithms: data and artificial intelligence”: Stefano Gatti, the Head of Data & Analytics at Nexi, will lead the discussion moderated by Italo Marconi, Connexia’s Chief Innovation Officer, as we analyse the exponential “datafication” of the world which, along with the evolution of algorithms, is generating monumental changes in society and in organisations in all industries.

The debate revolves around the genesis of new professional roles dedicated to data management and analysis, the quest for legitimisation and integration within more traditional corporate areas, and the evolutionary step from the concept of artificial intelligence to concepts of augmented intelligence and actionable intelligence with the dual goal of reducing the margin of human error and making problem-solving algorithms more “human” and creative.

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