“Wake Up Innovators” No. 9. The Connexia and Doxa meeting for May focuses on artificial intelligence, storytelling and creativity. Guest: Joseph Sassoon.

14 May 2019 – Doxa, Italy’s leading market research and analysis firm, e Connexia, the marketing and communications consultancy agency, are hosting the ninth “WAKE UP INNOVATORS”, a series of monthly meetings about the digital culture, science, innovation, and disruptive communication.

The guest for the “Artificial intelligence, storytelling, and creativity” talk moderated by Italo Marconi, Connexia’s Chief Innovation Officer, is Joseph Sassoon, founder and partner of Alphabet. The discussion will focus on storytelling, a very current and quite prevalent topic at the moment, but this time we’ll be looking at it from a very unusual angle: soon storytelling may no longer be an exclusively “human” creative activity. Artificial intelligence is actually carving out a role for itself. As a key player.

The staggering development of artificial intelligence in such a wide range of different sectors has rapidly brought us to a transitional phase in which software, artificial systems and robots are mastering the secrets of storytelling, and inserting themselves into situations that are crucial for contemporary communication: from cinema to journalism and even strategic areas, such as marketing, advertising, and politics. Human beings’ distinctive traits, like creativity and the ability to tell stories, are being passed on to AI and it is incredibly important that we meticulously monitor its development. Until now AI had mainly been used as support, but soon it will no longer be a tool for reproduction and become a real author of stories.

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