On air “The Chuckers-In”, the new, integrated campaign on the topic of compostable bioplastics, created by Connexia for the Biorepack Consortium.

29th May 2023 – Biorepack, the first European Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) consortium system for compostable, bioplastic packaging, is back to tell us about the new, integrated campaign for TV, radio, press, social and digital, “The Chuckers-In. The project is the work of the advertising team of Connexia, the marketing and communication agency of Retex, which handled the project’s strategy, creative concept and media planning.

On air from 28 May to 17 June 2023 with a 15″ format spot on the TV channels of RAI, Mediaset, CairoRCS Media, SKY, Warner Bros, Discovery and Netflix.  “The Chuckers-In” enriches the already substantial TV scheduling with a 30″ format radio spot through Gruppo Editoriale GEDI and CNR Media, a 20″ spot on Google and Meta platforms, and an Adv page, which will appear over the coming months in the major periodicals and national printed newspapers. There will be plenty of original content for social media  and a dedicated landing page (www.cosamettonellumido.it), where topics can be discussed in depth.

Building on the success of “The Bioplastic Garden”, an integrated campaign successfully launched in the second half of 2022, Biorepack Consortium returns to the main Italian media to continue disseminating awareness to citizens of certified, compostable, bioplastic materials and promoting their correct usage, conferral and end-of-life management. Biorepack also promotes the virtuous link between correct collection of wet waste and the production of compost: a very important resource for soil regeneration.

The creative idea behind ‘The Chuckers-In‘ is, in fact, to highlight the importance of making wet waste collection as pure as possible. Thus, the organics bin becomes a very special recipient, into which it is vital to select very carefully what can and cannot be deposited. This is why the protagonists of the campaign are two chuckers-out – or rather – two ‘chuckers-in’, standing guard over the entrance to the bin and only letting in material suitable for turning into compost, such as kitchen leftovers and certified, compostable, bioplastic packaging.

Not all materials are worthy of becoming nourishment for the Earth!

Educating and raising awareness about the correct way to collect compostable bioplastics is, by statute, one of Biorepack’s key objectives,” says Marco Versari, President of Biorepack. “Compostable bioplastics are relatively new materials, and it is, therefore, important to help consumers understand how to recognise them and why they should be disposed of together with household waste. Indeed, they are a valuable ally in increasing the quality of organic waste collection. They benefit the whole cycle, because quality harvesting drastically reduces waste, helps the work of treatment plants and enables increased compost production. We are confident that this multi-channel campaign will play a valuable role in helping us reach as many citizens as possible, thereby counteracting misinformation and fake news.”

We are delighted to be able to make our strategic and creative contribution to the spread of greater environmental awareness.” In the words of Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner Strategy & Creativity of Connexia, talking about the new communication campaign The chuckers-in“, “We chose to support the educational objectives of the Biorepack Consortium by developing a creative concept that, through a play on words, ironically emphasises the importance of the correct disposal of organic waste. There is increasing awareness and sensitivity to issues relating to good, daily practices in separating waste collection and, more generally, to the impact that recycling and proper disposal can have. These are all aspects that, as a Benefit Society, we feel particularly strongly about; we are happy to be able to support the promotion of virtuous and sustainable behaviour“.


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“When it comes to differentiated waste sorting, nobody can remain indifferent”. CONAI is back on the radio with a campaign dedicated to the new environmental labelling. Signed by Connexia.

8th of May 2023 – CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium that ensures European recycling targets are met in Italy, is back to raise consumer awareness with a creative campaign devised by Connexia, the marketing and communications agency of Retex.

The subject of the new communication campaign is the mandatory environmental labelling of packaging, effective from 1 January 2023. An innovative tool which enables companies to provide information about the materials which make up their packaging and how to dispose of them correctly thus helping citizens to separate their waste efficiently and improve the recycling process.

Thus, it becomes important to raise consumer awareness by inviting them to read the environmental labelling on packaging, in order to avoid mistakes as they separate their waste.

The creative idea takes its cue from the place where people find themselves dealing with their waste on a daily basis: the home. Hence Stella and Gabriele, aka Casa Abis, were called on to collaborate in the creation of an integrated social and radio campaign in which we see and hear the comic duo as each blames the other for their mistakes, breaking down the wall of indifference about waste collection, playing on the couple’s stereotypes with the irony and lightness that have made them popular on social media.

Launched on 1 May 2023, the social campaign is disseminated through three forms of dedicated branded content; It will be transmitted by Radio RAI until 14 May with a 30″ format spot, supported by live broadcasts of Casa Abis in the course of several programmes on the main national radio station.

“The new environmental labelling requirements for packaging posed a real challenge for the business fabric of our country,” commented Luca Ruini, CONAI President,A challenge addressed jointly by the Ministry of the Environment and Italian companies that led to the drawing up of clear Guidelines. Now we need to accomplish the final step: persuading citizens that they must do their part, checking and reading the labels on the packs and following the correct waste separation instructions. This new campaign is therefore the culmination of more than two years’ work. I am confident that the results will surprise us.” 

“We are really very pleased with the latest creative campaign, designed for Conai,” declared Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner, Strategy & Creativity, at Connexia, “In addition to the educational aspect, something we have always prioritised and kept aligned with Conai’s value set, the campaign on the new environmental labelling represents a new opportunity for our team for stimulating creative exchange, within a consolidated relationship of collaboration and mutual trust.

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“The meaning of business. When ethics mean business.” With Wake Up Innovators | EVOLUTION Focus On SUSTAINABILITY

20th of November 2020 – Latest installment of Wake Up Innovators | EVOLUTION, the series of live-streamed meetings organised by Connexia, the independent marketing and communication agency, and dedicated to the discussion surrounding the processes and dynamics of change in individuals, groups and complex organisations, both public and private.

Current events, economics, historical events: sustainability is, unavoidably, at the heart of it all.

Marina Salamon, President and Shareholder of Connexia, and Diva Moriani, Executive Vicepresident of Intekgroup S.p.A and KME SE, but also co-founder and board member of Dynamo Camp, a recreational therapy camp for children suffering from serious or congenital illnesses, chair the virtual salon at Connexia.  

With “The meaning of business. When ethics mean business and the stories of two exceptional examples of female Italian leadership, Connexia is launching a digital debate centered on sustainability, in all its forms: environmental, economic, social. This is an unprecedented debate, with at its heart a new, different way of doing – and being – business. Hosting are Italo Marconi, Chief Innovation Officer, and Zornitza Kratchmarova, Corporate Communication Director.  

The initiative is part of a dynamic coherent with the spirit and decisions of the agency, which has recently officialised its commitment to social business responsability, becoming a benefit society and presenting a 5 point manifesto to outline, from start to finish, their common benefit objectives.


Free live meeting on Connexia’s Facebook and Youtube channels.

WAKE UP INNOVATORS | EVOLUTION – The Meaning of business. When ethics mean business.

Wednesday 25th of November 2020
9:00 a.m.

Link to the Facebook channel
Link to the  YouTube channel

Connexia becomes a Benefit Company

27 October 2020 – The independent marketing and communications agency Connexia becomes a Benefit Company formalising their path of social responsibility and ethical commitments which have, over the years, become an integral part of business DNA. Being a B Corp means voluntarily complying with the highest transparency and responsibility standards, giving the same weight to economic and financial goals as those related to social and environmental impacts, pulling off a radical paradigm shift from the traditional business modal focused solely on profit.

The decision to transform Connexia into a Benefit Company is consistent with our path and our desire to show evidence of an ethical commitment that has been fundamental to us, to our approach and way of working, for many years” – declares Marina Salamon, President and majority shareholder of ConnexiaWe are actually strongly convinced that the only businesses that have a future are those that generate long-term value, for themselves and for the entire community. With this choice, Connexia once again proves its loyalty to its values: its story is intimately connected to the personal stories of the people who founded the business and are running it, and the stories of all those who are part of it”. 

In practice, Connexia will modify their status and become Connexia Società Benefit S.r.l. to formalise their own business social responsibility commitments. Italy is the second country in the world, after the USA, and the first in Europe to have introduced such an opportunity into their legal system, and Connexia is the first among the big players in its industry, to consciously make this choice, sending a strong signal and confirming their own long-term commitment to generate shared value within the community.

Five macro-areas characterise the positioning and extra business mission, made explicit in a genuine Manifesto of Values with specific focus on all: the people.

By choosing to become a Benefit Company, we are committed to continue working together to grow and build solid development opportunities across all areas we are actively involved in. Because we firmly believe that business can be directed in favour of people and the planet, as well as profit”  –   adds Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO & Founding Partner of Connexia,

Follow the link to see a video of Paolo d’Ammassa and Marina Salamon presenting Connexia as a benefit company: https://youtu.be/-aQfJNVw4nE.

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Buondì Motta: “conspiracies” on air for the famous Italian ‘tasty and light’ brioche.

19 October 2020 – It is well known that Buondì Motta is THE tasty and light brioche, but… is that really true or is there a catch? This (absurd!) question is asked by the mysterious conspirator who is the main character of the new campaign, on air from 16 October to 21 November, created by Connexia for the most popular of the Motta products. From today a shady figure is ready to look for unlikely points of contact between Buondì and the most current and famous “conspiracies”, from the widely talked-about 5G to the flat earth conspiracy: are you sure they really are all coincidences?

With its usual ironic and irreverent tone of voice, Buondì Motta is back with a brand new integrated multi-subject campaign conceived by Connexia, produced by Akita Film and planned by PHD Media, which will be broadcast online and on the main TV networks from 16th October until 21st November.

The conspirator and his crazy theories will also be the focus of attention online and on social networks (on Buondì Motta’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages), where amusing call-to-actions aimed at the community will be launched: because, as in any self-respecting conspiracy, what appears is not always entirely real!

To further increase the online visibility of the campaign, a group of web influencers will also be involved, called upon to play the role of the conspirator for a day to discover what is really behind the delicious and light breakfast of Motta. The influencer marketing operation was developed by Noesis Group, which also handled the PR activities in support of the campaign.

Buondì Motta is back: the (tasty and light!) conspiracy is served!

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#TOGETHERFOROURCOUNTRY Medtronic, Methodos and Connexia celebrate the grandparents and grandmothers of Italy

2 October 2020 – A 60-second video dedicated to all the grandparents of our country on their special day, which is celebrated on 2 October in Italy.  The idea was developed during lockdown by a group of three companies: Medtronic, a leader in medical technology, Methodos, a change management consulting firm, and Connexia, an independent communication and marketing agency.

This is a tribute to make everyone aware of the role that elderly citizens have played and still play today in their civic community: a celebration of their extraordinary dedication to restoring Italy in recent decades. Their contribution is all the more significant at a historic moment like the present one, which has seen the elderly population particularly affected by Covid-19.

The concept of the video, donated by the three companies to the President of the Council of Ministers, celebrates the role and contribution that today’s elders have offered over the years, and their importance within Italian society.    With this in mind, Medtronic, Methodos and Connexia have combined their individual skills within their own fields to create a project dedicated “to all the young men and women of yesteryear who are still helping to make our country great”.

The result is an institutional campaign, scheduled until October 2nd on RAI networks and on Palazzo Chigi’s Facebook profile. The video will also be published and promoted on the websites of the three promoting companies (www.medtronic.com; www.methodos.com; www.connexia.com) and on their social media channels, with the hashtag #INSIEMEPERILPAESE (#TOGETHERFOROURCOUNTRY).

“We decided to support this initiative,” explains Michele Perrino, President and CEO of Medtronic Italia“as we found that our own values and our drive to create value for the community in which we operate were reflected in the messages conveyed by the video.” Indeed, in line with our own mission, which has been the guiding principle of our company for 60 years, Medtronic is committed to tackling the most difficult challenges every day – such as the sustainability of care, ageing and the complexity of chronic diseases. These are precisely the problems that affect the older sections of the population, and Medtronic’s engagement with these issues has never wavered; indeed, the company’s efforts were intensified during the most critical period of the Covid-19 crisis.”

“The initiative was born of the need and desire to make a contribution to the culture of the country at a difficult time,” explains Filippo Muzi Falconi, CEO of Methodos Group. “We believe that it is vital to underline the opportunity that each individual has to change and improve, thus participating in the evolution of their country.”

One of the values of this initiative is the fact that it promotes a precise mentality: a mentality that – in the past – led our grandparents (and before them their parents), to believe in the future and to make it a reality by placing their lives in the service of this worthy cause. For them, the past few months have been characterised by extreme sacrifice, and nobody must forget the role that they still play in today’s society.”

“The pandemic has hit grandparents hardest of all. It was natural for us to look to them and to all that they have helped to build over the years, celebrating an entire  generation of elderly people who have given so much for the progress of their country and for the common good,”  comments Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO & Founding Partner of Connexia. “Connexia is a company made up of young professionals who are creative and passionate, with a strong desire to commit and make their skills available to communities and operators, sharing knowledge, and carrying out free communication campaigns to support a number of non-profit organisations that are particularly active during emergencies. We understand the value of the contributions made by previous generations. The idea of paying homage to our grandparents was born from the desire to tell a shared story of civic commitment and dedication: a story of shared values to which Connexia, Methodos and Medtronic are proud to have given a voice, each contributing its own skills and expertise. Because it takes a lifetime to grow old.”

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Connexia working alongside the Italian Committee for UNICEF on the “legacies” campaign

28 September 2020 – Connexia presents the new legacies campaign  by the Italian Committee for UNICEF, Italian representative of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, an auxiliary body of the UN with a mandate to protect and promote the rights of children and adolescents (0-18) throughout the world, and to contribute to improving their living conditions.

Legacies represent a fundamental source of funding for the Italian UNICEF committee and make a significant contribution to achieving major changes in the lives of many children.  In specific terms, this type of giving increased by 5.9% in 2019 with respect to the previous year (Source: UNICEF)

The video brings together images taken during the course of various UNICEF missions in all the areas of the world where childhood is experiencing major challenges – from Syria to Somalia.  The focus of the campaign is the concept of the “future”: to bequeath a legacy to UNICEF is in fact a way of enhancing your own sense of civic responsibility, continuing to do good “at a distance”, making a fundamental difference in the lives of many children by a single, apparently small gesture.

The Italian Committee for UNICEF’s new integrated campaign can be seen on TV from 18 August 2020, to be followed by an ongoing campaign on social and digital media. This campaign, conceived by Connexia (TV commercials; printed social and digital media campaign), is adding a new chapter to the story of dedication, hope and daily commitment, which UNICEF has been contributing to over many years, first and foremost in the fight against child poverty in the least fortunate areas of the planet.

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The rebranding of buddybank – courtesy of Connexia

24 September 2020 – buddybank, the bank model from UniCredit exclusively for smartphones, presents its new brand platform.

“bank of now, bank of wow” is the rebranding concept for buddybank, the result of an in-depth reworking of company values with a view to defining new objectives two years from the market launch.

“We are a digital bank, but our approach remains firmly focused on the value of people, proximity and inclusiveness,” affirms Claudia Vassena, Head of buddybank, “We are innovating fast and for some time we have felt the need to change our look to better represent our identity.”

A synonym of innovation, reliability and simplicity of interaction, buddybank embodies a completely new way of “being a bank”.  Direct, authentic, but, above all, showing empathy, buddybank is “the bank you don’t expect”, which doesn’t neglect you, available 24/7 via chat with real people.

Chatting with “buddies”, the clients, is like a conversation between good friends.  A more relaxed, informal approach, but always focused on maximum efficiency of service and on reinforcing the sense of belonging to the buddybank community.

The rebranding involved all communications assets – logo, app design, website and layout of the payment cards  with a view to consolidating the connection with the customer base, prioritising the Generation Z age range.  An exclusive communications partner: from consultancy on strategic positioning to description of the creative concept – the communications agency, Connexia.

We are extremely happy with our progress so far and the results achieved with buddy bank.  An atmosphere of mutual trust and a cooperation-based approach to work have given life to a unique large team, reinforcing the originality and the efficiency of our strategic proposals, creative consultancy and consultancy on market positioning.” comments Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner for Strategy & Creativity at Connexia, “The rebranding of buddybank has involved creativity being an expression of strategy and vice versa, a visible transposition of an authentic, stimulating and innovative vision – with values akin to our own. There are lots of factors which have fuelled in all of us a passion and an enthusiasm for this project, born at a time which is certainly not easy, but built on a common objective which is absolutely shared by all: to reinforce for clients of buddybank the sense that “their” bank is close by and available to them.”

At this time buddybank is celebrating its new look with the launch of “Find a buddy – find treasure“, the ‘member get member’ initiative valid until 30 December 2020.  buddybank account holders will have a code for inviting friends to open a current account and, once this is activated, will receive a bonus of 40 euros, up to a maximum of 240 euros.  All the details can be found at www.buddybank.com

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Mindwork chooses Connexia as a partner for its communications

21 September 2020 – Mindwork, Italy’s premier company for online psychological consultancy in the business sector, has chosen Connexia as its communication partner. The independent agency will support Mindwork with a PR & Media Relation consultancy course, providing support in the definition of strategic partnerships and special projects as well as the coordination of B2B events.

Mindwork is Italy’s premier company for psychological consultancy and offers a network of specialist professionals who are enrolled in the Register of Psychologists and undergo continuous training. The company offers professional, qualified, and confidential support dedicated to the personal wellbeing of workers. All of this is available remotely at the click of a button. Indeed, Mindwork’s platform makes it possible to quickly choose the professional by whom you would like to be followed and organise consultancy sessions via video call from any device, guaranteeing total privacy and confidentiality.

By joining Mindwork on its journey, Connexia has chosen to support an innovative organisation in a field (that of health and psychological wellbeing in the workplace) that is finally finding a foothold in the dynamics of companies and in the debate on Corporate Social Responsibility. This is an extremely important topic, and although it has already been brought to the fore of the main world forums (as is the case with Davos, which featured dedicated panels during the last two editions), has become highly topical again after the experience of lockdown and the inevitable repercussions on the world of work and individuals.

A recent study conducted by Mindshare (a non-profit organisation that is committed to spreading a corporate culture that is more attentive to the mental health of its employees) and Qualtrics (a data company specialising in the creation of company experience management software), claims that 41.6% of the workers interviewed on a global scale reported a worsening of their mental health during the most intense phases of the lockdown. Symptoms such as anxiety, depression and stress in the workplace are constantly on the rise and count among the main causes of absenteeism among employees, affecting company productivity. The phenomenon is especially marked among Millennials and new arrivals from Generation Z, who seem to be even more sensitive to the topic than previous generations.

“Connexia recognises the value and importance of the service offered by Mindwork and will accompany the company with great interest, care and professionalism during the most significant period of its launch activities in Italy,” comments Stefano Ardito, Chief Growth Officer at Connexia . “Lockdown has left a mark on all of us, however we experienced it. It has changed our perception of others, our habits, and the way we relate. All of these are sensitive elements, for companies as well as individuals, which can have an impact on internal dynamics and must therefore be monitored constantly if professional intervention is required”.

“When we speak of people’s wellbeing at work, we cannot overlook the psychological side of this,”  confirms Mario Alessandra, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindwork . “It is first and foremost necessary to sustain a change of cultural paradigm, which will enable peers, their team leaders and external professionals to talk openly about psychological health. This is precisely what Mindwork aims to do: to de-stigmatise mental health at work by supporting HR directors in the promotion of psychological well-being and giving everyone easy access to psychological counselling in the utmost confidentiality.

To communicate our values, we could only rely on a company that understands and practices them, like Connexia.

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“Jump on board with Bakeca.it!” A wild Antonio Razzi is the unexpected protagonist of the new Bakeca.it communication campaign by Connexia.

17 September 2020 – The famous dance performances of former Senator Antonio Razzi are at the heart of Bakeca.it‘s new social and digital campaign, which consolidates the website’s relationship with Connexia by entrusting the agency with the conception, production and social planning of three new digital films dedicated to three different categories of advertisement: Work, Training, and Buying/Selling.

Having given voice to the advertisements of many Italians through a number of new and catchy jingles made with Elio and Le Storie Tese, this year Connexia wanted to enhance the variety of the millions of free ads that Bakeca.it users can view, focusing on the most unexpected and popular dancer in the world of social media at the moment: Antonio Razzi.

Since making his debut on TikTok at the age of 72 with one of his now famous entertaining dances, the former senator from Abruzzo has been enjoying incredible success, registering thousands of views within just a few hours.

The campaign, which will be online from September 17th to mid-October on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, showcases a new form of creativity that is given shape by the light-hearted choreography of former Senator Razzi, inspired by the type of ads selected and improvised to disco-music rhythms from the 70s, electro-pop of the 80s, and warm Latin-American sounds.

“In some ways, involving Antonio Razzi in Bakeca.it’s communication strategy may seem a bold choice; but if you go beyond facile prejudice, the logic behind this decision can clearly be seen. Razzi, the former senator, symbolises the possibility of throwing oneself at life and reinventing oneself, in a way that few others have managed to achieve. Given that bakeca.it is full of job advertisements, training courses, and other things to improve our lives, Razzi seemed a natural choice,” explains Riccardo Catagnano, Creative Director and Head of Branded Content at Connexia.  “Razzi is someone who put himself on the line and, at the end of his political career, managed to reinvent himself as a pop icon. Who better than him to invite Italians to ‘jump on board’ with Bakeca.it?”.

Conceived and planned for the main digital and social media platforms, the new campaign aims to strengthen the brand’s recognisability, reinterpreting its philosophy and values in an original and ironic way.

“It continues our journey of innovation, both in terms of communication and in the choice of channels used, which also includes TikTok,” explains Stefano Pavignano, CEO of Bakeca.it. “Bakeca.it wants to be the main platform used by all Italians for free advertisements. This is a challenging goal, and this year we decided to interpret it in an original and ironic way. The three videos that make up the campaign are fun and engaging, telling the story of Bakeca and all its ads”.

WORK campaign

TRAINING campaign

GENERIC campaign

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Wake Up Innovators RESTART. The “restart” is on two wheels in Connexia’s virtual lounge. Guest: Paolo Pavesio.

20 July 2020 – On Thursday 23 July, the 17th and last event before the August break, with Wake Up Innovators | RESTART, the series of meetings organised by Connexia and dedicated to the “restart”.

Wake Up Innovators | RESTART Special Edition is a free and completely digital event, providing an opportunity for specific analysis and open discussion with key players in Italian industry, to take stock of business and strategies for responding to the crisis and restarting.

This time, Zornitza Kratchmarova, Corporate Communication Director at Connexia, has invited to the lounge Paolo Pavesio, Marketing & Motorsport Director and Management Committee Member at Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. The executive will reflect on the key points in the operation at Yamaha Motor Europe from the initial frantic moments of the health emergency, analysing the context, significance and consequences of the “restart” for one of the sectors that has suffered most due to lockdown, facing a halt in production and a collapse in demand.

Register for this free live meeting on the @Cisco Webex platform.

Thursday 23 July
9.00 – 10.00
@Cisco Webex

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Wake Up Innovators RESTART For the series of events dedicated to starting over, Connexia meets one of the main players in multimedia retail. Guest: Paolo Penati.

14 July 2020 – At its sixteenth event, Wake Up Innovators | RESTART, the series of meetings dedicated to starting over, hosted by Connexia, is opening the doors of its “virtual lounge” to one of the big players in multi-channel retail.

 Wake Up Innovators | RESTART Special Edition is a free and completely digital event, providing an opportunity for in-depth analysis and open discussion with key players in Italian industry, to take stock of the situation together and consider strategies for starting over in the aftermath of the crisis.

During the event, Zornitza Kratchmarova, Corporate Communication Director at Connexia, will be discussing with Paolo Penati, CEO at  QVC Italia, all the initiatives taken by one of the top multimedia retailers to support its employees, customers and communities, during and following the health emergency in the country. Health & safety in the workplace, smartworking, activation of social campaigns and virtual platforms to put Italian users in contact with one another: these are just some of the specific actions taken by QVC Italia, at the forefront since Phase 1 of the fight against the Coronavirus.

Free live meeting subject to registration on the @Cisco Webex platform.

Thursday 16 July
9.00 – 10.00
@Cisco Webex

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Wake Up Innovators RESTART In Connexia’s “virtual lounge”, attention turns to food & beverage. Guest: Matteo Bruno Lunelli

6 July 2020 –  The fifteenth appointment of Wake Up Innovators | RESTART, the series of meetings dedicated to starting over, hosted by Connexia.

As a free and wholly digital event, Wake Up Innovators | RESTART Special Edition offers an opportunity for a concrete analysis and open discussion with the major players of Italian industry, to take stock of business and strategies for responding to coronavirus emergency and restarting.

Matteo Bruno Lunelli, President and CEO of Cantine Ferrari and President of Fondazione Altagamma, is the guest in Connexia’s “virtual lounge”. The talk will offer an opportunity to discuss and understand how the wine sector, a source of Italian excellence throughout the world, and the entire high-end industry, which is a pillar of the Italian economy, have worked to face the coronavirus emergency and the next steps that will be adopted during the restart.  Zornitza Kratchmarova, Corporate Communication Director at Connexia, will be hosting the event.

Free live meeting event subject to registration on the @Cisco Webex platform.

Thursday 09 July
9.00 – 10.00
@Cisco Webex

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